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September 05, 2019

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Carburator system

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Carburetor System

A carburetor is a device that mixes air and fuel for an internal combustion engine. The carburetor was first discovered by karl benz in 1885 and patented in 1886. In 1893 hungarian national engineers named jános csonka and donát bánki also designed similar devices. Is frederick william lanchester from birmingham, england who first experimented using a carburetor on the car. In 1896 frederick and his brother built the first car to use gasoline in england, a single cylinder powered by 5 hp (4 kw), and was an internal combustion engine. Not satisfied with the final results, especially because of the small amount of power produced, they rebuilt the engine, this time they used two horizontal cylinders and also redesigned their carburetor. This time their car was able to complete a 1,000-mile (1600 km) tour in 1900.
This is a step forward in the use of carburetors in the automotive field. Carburetors are commonly used for gasoline-fueled cars until the late 1980s.
After a lot of electronic controls are used in cars, the use of carburetors is replaced by a fuel injection system because it is easier to integrate with other systems to achieve fuel efficiency. Fuel injection or efi (electronic fuel injection) is an electronically controlled fuel injection system . This system is one type of fuel system on a gasoline motor. The use of fuel injection will increase engine power when compared to the use of a carburetor. And fuel injection can also control mixing of fuel and air more precisely, both in proportion and uniformity. Fuel injection can be mechanical, electronic or a mixture of both. The initial system was mechanical but around 1980 began to use many electronic systems. Modern electronic systems use many sensors to monitor engine conditions, and an electronic control unit (ecu) to calculate the amount of fuel needed. Therefore fuel injection can improve fuel efficiency and reduce pollution, and also provide more output power.
Now, many people do not understand the differences in the carburetor system and the efi (electronic fuel injection) system and most people ignore that difference they do not know that the efi system is more fuel efficient than the carburetor system.
The development of science and technology (iptek) which is increasingly rapid today has an impact on the world of education with the increasing challenges that must be faced by the world of education. Today's education is increasingly demanded to be able to produce reliable human resources, who are able to answer and anticipate the development of science and technology. The world of education must be able to realize this, so it is necessary to increase and improve education. One of the efforts to improve and improve education implementation, especially in the field of mechanical engineering, especially automotive. The application of electronic regulatory systems to vehicles has been so rapid, along with technological advances and global demands that require both aspects of user fulfillment
Technology and environmental impact aspects, so that the design of modern vehicles with advance technology has advantages / advantages that can improve, among others:
              work method
• efficient fuel use
• environmental impact management
• comfort and safety
Vehicles with electronic control facilities compared to conventional vehicles have differences in electronic devices which basically consist of several components, namely the sensor, electronic control unit (ecu), and actuator unit.
B. Purpose
The purpose of writing this paper is to know everything about the efi system in the car, both understanding, variety, working mechanism, and its application in daily life.
C. Limitation of problems
Restrictions on the problem were made so that the discussion of the issue of censorship of efi was more focused, directed and did not deviate from the subject matter. In this problem i limit the problems that we will discuss include:
Engines with conventional carburetors, the amount of fuel needed by the engine is regulated by the carburetor. In modern machines using the efi system, the amount of fuel is regulated (controlled) more accurately by the computer by sending fuel to the cylinder via injector.
The efi system determines the optimal amount of fuel (right) according to the amount and temperature of the incoming air, engine speed, cooling water temperature, throttle valve position of oxygen condensation in the exhaust pipe, and other important conditions. Efi computers regulate the amount of fuel to be sent to the engine when injecting with optimal air and fuel ratio based on engine working characteristics. The efi system guarantees ideal air and fuel ratio and high fuel efficiency at all times.

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